Post-Mastectomy Lingerie

Valiant launched in 2019 after the founder’s own experiences as a breast cancer survivor when she realised there was a gap in the market for beautifully crafted, luxury post-mastectomy lingerie. Already having an intimate understanding of what her target consumer is looking for, the brand is a combination of comfort and confidence, striving to empower its consumers through the lingerie that they deserve. The high-quality lingerie is sustainable and fun at the same time, making the pieces ageless. They provide the consumers with a new perspective on post-mastectomy lingerie by adding joy and removing any feeling of discomfort or exclusion that the target audience may have previously experienced. Post-surgery bras do not have to be boring and Valiant is truly passionate about creating the lingerie the consumers deserve and supporting them in feeling confident.

Luxury Lingerie Design, Build and Production with Bodywear Lab

Launched in 2019, the brand was already off to a successful start, however, the owner wanted to push her business to reach a wider market with an elevated design as she knew Valiant was a truly special brand. We worked closely with the founder to build out a collection which would offer women the support and beautiful details that they look for in lingerie, whilst being considerate of sensitive areas with super soft materials, clever seams and no underwires. Due to the product being so niche and designed with a very specific customer in mind, the technical development was a crucial stage in ensuring the underwear would be appropriate and appealing for post-surgery. The design team at Bodywear Lab implemented many key design details such as the addition of inner pockets to allow the wearer the option of inserting a breast form and invisible seams to reduce skin irritation on sensitive scar tissue. Because of this, it was imperative to produce a highly detailed technical pack that would ensure consistency throughout. Label placement was also an aspect the team needed to focus on, as they wanted to highlight the comfortability of the garment. All these key factors were included in the tech packs.


One of the founder’s main goals was to bring joy and fun into post-mastectomy life which she felt was absent from other brands on the market. Taking inspiration from the HYSCULPT team’s hard work with the Valiant brand refresh, they used the fresh new colour palette created by the marketing team and used this as a reference for the colourways of the new designs.

Branding and Marketing with HYSCULPT

The Valiant founder came to the HYSCULPT team with the desire to freshen up the branding for a younger demographic – many post-mastectomy lingerie brands targeted middle-aged or older women however breast cancer can affect women of any age and the founder was keen to highlight this to raise awareness and to also let those affected feel seen and heard. The HYSCULPT team began their brand refresh by taking inspiration from Valiant’s first collection – we didn’t want to lose the strong and inspirational identity of the brand. We injected some fresh energy into the colour palette with turquoise for tranquillity and stillness, pinks to signify femininity and joy, and zesty greens to illustrate healing, nature, and growth. Utilising bold colours, we were able to differentiate Valiant Lingerie from competitors on the market whilst developing an aesthetic that felt modern and fresh yet still perceived as a safe space to be comfortable and relaxed.

We also created a signature print design unique to Valiant Lingerie to provide further differentiation from competitors and enhance the brand identity. We used nature-inspired abstract shapes, colours and textures using the new brand colour palette. We focused on nature motifs as our research illustrated that spending time within nature positively influences a person’s mental health post-surgery. We also refreshed Valiant’s logo and signifier to match the new vibrant branding. We designed new packaging for the brand too, incorporating the new branding, with the fun and zesty colour palette, and new bespoke print and included a branded comp card, tissue paper and stickers.

When designing Valiant Lingerie’s social feed, we wanted to promote happiness, inclusivity and pride, whilst providing snippets of curated information. We aimed to express a colourful life full of friendship with heartwarming imagery and playful graphics. Additionally, it was important for the brand to feel like a safe space, a community where consumers could feel supported, loved and empowered. This is why we incorporated motivational quotes as well as online resources to encourage engagement and build upon the founder’s dreams of creating a united community. We also updated the website with new, fresh and fun branding, including a new logo, signifier, colour palette and e-commerce images from the photoshoot with the new Bodywear Lab designed products.

Business Mentorship with London Contour Experts

We were also able to offer our expertise in business consultancy, helping Valiant to develop her business strategy and establish an effective business plan. We also were able to offer one-to-one strategy sessions, where we discussed specific issues or concerns within the business and implemented steps to reach the founder’s goals for the brand. As a brand with a niche product offering, Valiant was concerned with the future expansion of the business, therefore we conceptualised a detailed plan to widen her target customer without compromising her brand identity. We also offered our support in conceptualising a fully realised pre and post-launch strategy. This was vital as we were able to help build the brand’s business plan together before launching and offered guidance every step of the way to help ensure the outlined goals could be achieved.


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Meet Hysculpt

Our family has expanded to include a two new companies. Head to HYSCULPT for all your marketing & PR needs and get to know Bodywear Lab for design and production support!

Meet Bodywear Lab

Our family has expanded to include a two new companies. Head to HYSCULPT for all your marketing needs and get to know Bodywear Lab for design and production support!