Scarlett Gasque

Scarlett Gasque:

Luxury Lingerie & Corsets

Scarlett Gasque was inspired by burlesque dancers, vintage pin-ups and the glamour girls of the 1950s. These strong women act as the brand’s muse with their feminine, sexy styles and empowering attitudes. The brand celebrates its customer’s unique sense of self and individual identity, forming a tight community that’s inclusive and accepting, spreading a message that encourages women to be expressive and embrace who they are. We were approached by the founder with a strong concept for her burlesque-inspired brand but she needed support with fleshing out her business model, product design and branding. We helped her with her entire business, supporting her with building out her branding and bringing her design ideas to life, and continue to support her since her brand launched in 2023.

Luxury Lingerie Design, Build and Production with BodywearLab

Inspired by her passion for corsetry, the founder had a clear vision for the brand and its products. The founder wanted to bring traditional corsetry styles with a modern twist to the mainstream market, with the option of wearing the product as both underwear and outerwear. Our team of designers at BodywearLab were able to collaborate with the founder’s ideas to create exquisite lingerie, corset and robe designs for its debut collection. Our Buying and Sourcing specialist used her skills to add extra glamour and luxury to the garments by selecting curated mesh, delicate bows and elegant faux fur to adorn the pieces. 


The debut collection features 2 lingerie sets, 2 corset sets and a floor-length robe. As the brand is focused on corsetry, ensuring we create the perfect fit was pivotal to the success of the business. The collection includes a cupped corset with various size options for customers to be able to find their perfect fit. Our team is currently designing future collections for this luxury lingerie and corset brand, including 3D CAD designs. 

Branding, Marketing and PR with HYSCULPT

Once progress with product design and build was underway, the team at HYSCULPT began crafting a full 360 branding service. We supported the development with logo design, custom illustrations, packaging, colour palette, website creation, social media content creation, blogs and newsletters, product descriptions, and PR with a bespoke luxury launch event.


We began by establishing the visual tone of the brand by creating a fun colour palette that mirrored the whimsical designs of the product and the values of the brand. We lead it with bright pink tones adding a sense of fun in conjunction with lavender and dusty lilac shades representing strong feminine energy. We then designed the social media feed by utilising the calming, sophisticated colour palette with striking imagery and impactful messaging. With a focus on themes of empowerment and self-confidence, the feed is oriented towards inspirational design and freedom. We then focused our attention on designing exquisite packaging that complimented the brand’s whimsical and luxurious ethos. We crafted an elegant box decorated with delicate flower illustrations with branded tissue paper and sealed with a vintage-inspired wax seal sticker. We also created bespoke comp cards and finished the details of the packaging with embossing, debossing and silver foiling on the custom botanical illustrations to add more glamour. 


We also supported the brand with influencer campaigns and an extravagant launch event at one of London’s most prestigious hotels. The event featured burlesque performers, a tailored cocktail menu, a guest list with important members of the fashion industry including press, a bespoke step and repeat, goody bags and event photographers.

Business Mentorship with London Contour Experts

Throughout the entire process, London Contour Experts supported the business owner with their valuable industry expertise and mentorship which included support with creating a business plan and lookbook to present to investors, buyers and retailers. The team also has regular strategy sessions with our industry insiders to ensure we are reaching business goals and regulating the progress of the brand.

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Meet Hysculpt

Our family has expanded to include a two new companies. Head to HYSCULPT for all your marketing & PR needs and get to know Bodywear Lab for design and production support!

Meet Bodywear Lab

Our family has expanded to include a two new companies. Head to HYSCULPT for all your marketing needs and get to know Bodywear Lab for design and production support!