Phygital Fantasies

Phygital Fantasies

It’s not a secret that in the fashion industry, 3D tech and its endless creative capabilities is the hottest trend for this season and many more to come. The bodywear sector has been slower than others to tap into the digital world and leverage it to our advantage but now key players are taking note, pushing their creativeness throughout sourcing, design and production as we enter a phygital revolution.

In the realm of lingerie, the avant-garde trend of Phygital Fantasies has stirred a transformative wave, blending the surreal landscapes of technology with the delicate world of intimates. It’s an exploration born from the intersection of digital innovation, AI, and a quest for unbounded creativity, all manifesting in exaggerated forms, textures, and pioneering innovation. Phygital Fantasies have ignited a revolution in lingerie design and branding, seamlessly blending technology with intimate apparel. It’s a convergence of AI-driven innovation, surreal aesthetics, and a quest for unbounded creativity, reshaping not just lingerie products but entire brand identities. Join London Contour Experts, as we step into this realm of exaggerated shapes, surreal textures, and hyper-personalised experiences, the future of lingerie embraces both the ethereal and the pragmatic, creating a world where fantasy meets reality in the most intimate of spaces.

Interested in 3D product design or creating 3D assets for futureproof branding? Head to Bodywear Lab and HYSCULPT and enter a whole new Phygital Fantasy. 


Phygital Fantasies transcend the conventional, drawing inspiration from AI-generated marvels that blur the lines between reality and imagination. Picture landscapes of ethereal beauty, impossibly smooth contours, and a synthesis of dreamy colours that dissolve the boundaries between fantasy and reality. This trend heralds a new era where lingerie design becomes an art form embedded with sensorial textures, exaggerated shapes, and characterful elements. Beyond flights of synthetic fancy, it propels us towards sophisticated, meticulously personalised products and spaces. Designs exploring the interplay of light and shadow, as well as digitally crafted marvels reminiscent of classic elegance, mark the pinnacle of this movement. Materials become the canvas for this metamorphosis. Soft, low-impact stretch fabrics adorned with 3D surfaces and unconventional textures take centre stage. From lace to mesh, waffle textures to open-mesh knits, each fabric tells a story of innovation and tactile allure.

Brands delving into Phygital Fantasies draw from the surreal and futuristic, marrying soft, classical ballet-core aesthetics with edgy, sheer layers and intricate lace designs. Materials like GRS-certified recycled nylon and polyester, alongside bio-based nylons, evoke a delicate yet hi-tech appeal. Oceanic themes take form through hybrid scuba and swim-inspired styles, nodding to swim knit kits and versatile swim lines designed for active intimates. The colour palette embraces therapeutic aquatic tones, while materials like Econyl regenerated nylon echo a commitment to sustainability and hope for a future. Classical architecture viewed through an AI lens inspires comfortable everyday underwear. Moulded seamless styles, wireless or employing wire alternatives, blend seamlessly with innovative materials like FSC-certified cellulosic fibres and resin for flexible support structures. Lastly, the concept of darkly romantic and ethereal lingerie breathes life into the Ghostly Illusions theme. Delicate yet striking materials like ultra-fine laces in silk tulle or chiffon, paired with exoskeletal corset structures, rendered in 3D technology, redefine the landscape of high-end boudoir lingerie.


As much as Phygital Fantasies redefines design, this trend equally revolutionises branding and packaging. Contour brands seeking to embrace the trend have a captivating opportunity to fuse the ethereal realms of technology with the intricate allure of intimates. This convergence manifests in their branding as a vibrant exploration of exaggerated forms and textures, epitomising unbounded creativity and an eerily familiar world that feels dreamlike. For packaging, mimic sheer fabrics with translucent components like box sleeves that hint at the product underneath but hide details, like a fuzzy dream. You can also incorporate holographic elements to nod to 3D in a 2D surface as well as utilise laser cutting technology to create intricate, detailed shapes that overlay or pop out for a truly three-dimensional experience.

Packaging could also feature augmented reality (AR) experiences using QR codes, allowing consumers to immerse themselves in surreal worlds where AI-generated avatars showcase the products amidst fantastical environments, setting the atmosphere for your brand and indicating how you want your consumers to feel wearing your garments. 3D graphics can be incorporated across branding, static on packaging and kinetic when used on web and socials. Holographic and iridescent materials help to create a digital experience that still feels somewhat rooted in nature with rainbow hues. Complementing and contrasting the same colour in different tones can create interesting and unusual combinations that feel both new and familiar. Soft, light pinks offer intimacy and softness whilst dustier pinks are more otherworldly and transcendent. Similarly, aqua blue can be calming but when turned brighter is reminiscent of deep sea exploration, of the unfamiliar and uncanny. 


Exploring Sustainable Innovations: Insights from Performance Days in Munich

Our team was present at Performance Days, a significant event for professionals in the bodywear fashion realm. With an emphasis on sustainable fabrics, this forum provided crucial insights for industry leaders. We’ve condensed these insights to offer guidance on navigating the latest trends and innovations for your upcoming collections.

Meet Hysculpt

Our family has expanded to include a two new companies. Head to HYSCULPT for all your marketing & PR needs and get to know Bodywear Lab for design and production support!

Meet Bodywear Lab

Our family has expanded to include a two new companies. Head to HYSCULPT for all your marketing needs and get to know Bodywear Lab for design and production support!