Slow Summertime

Slow Summertime

‘Cottagecore’ is a trend that just doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, anytime soon. However, the trend has evolved from its humble beginnings of ditsy patterns and puff sleeves with clean and pastel tones into a much more vibrant, textured and handcrafted aesthetic for summer 2023 and 2024.

Cottagecore at its, well, core is all about simple, countryside living with a focus on traditional skills such as baking, sewing and gardening and this ideology is taken a step further with an emphasis on artisan skills such as crocheting, weaving, and embroidery. As the fashion industry continues to strive for more ethical sustainable practices, this Slow Summertime trend embraces recycled materials, patchwork patterns that utilise deadstock fabrics and mismatched hardware details that create finished garments that are unique and feel tailored to the individual. This trend is particularly prevalent and dynamic within the swim and resort wear categories, join the London Contour Experts Group as we explore how Slow Summertime is the hottest trend this summer and beyond.


Whilst previous trends that centre sustainability has opted for natural, clean and minimal branding, Slow Summertime is all about embracing the vibrancy of the warmer months without compromising on greener mindful policies. Brands are injecting more fun and whimsy into branding by incorporating materials such as wool and biodegradable yarn made from natural fibres such as hemp, jute or cotton that are embroidered or stitched into the products for a bohemian touch to classic resort wear for immediate brand recognizability. 

Brands are continuing to focus on sustainability with recyclable, biodegradable or eco-friendly packaging made from materials such as naturally dyed paper or card but are not shying away from colour with warm oranges, pale pinks and soft blues to invoke that summer evening sky. Packaging with real pressed flowers is also taking the industry by storm, as not only is it sustainable, but it creates a more handmade feel that makes consumers feel special, as well as being a very unique and sweet way to get your brand to stand out from the crowd.

Product & Fabric

Slow Summertime is all about creating layers and depth within your product. Swimwear is no longer just a silky smooth polyester or elastane blend but instead is created with unconventional and sustainable materials such as wool and towelling, with embroidered natural motifs such as mushrooms, flowers and butterflies to produce a very 1970s bohemian feel. 

Patchwork is also a great way to remain eco-friendly by using deadstock or waste fabrics that also adds character and a more bespoke touch to swim separates or resort wear. Crochet products that fuse the patchwork aesthetic and unconventional materials are also a fun way to bring your swimwear to life and can be used in swim separates, beach cover-ups or breezy resort dresses. 

The colour palette for this trend too is colourful yet soft, with lots of buttery yellows, darker greens, off whites and beige browns that stay true to the heart of ‘cottagecore’ but with an updated summer feel. The details are also softened, with frill and scalloped hemlines made from thicker fabrics to round out the edges as well as asymmetrical straps and multiple straps that criss-cross one another and gently wrap around the body to enhance natural curves whilst offering atypical support. 


Exploring Sustainable Innovations: Insights from Performance Days in Munich

Our team was present at Performance Days, a significant event for professionals in the bodywear fashion realm. With an emphasis on sustainable fabrics, this forum provided crucial insights for industry leaders. We’ve condensed these insights to offer guidance on navigating the latest trends and innovations for your upcoming collections.

Meet Hysculpt

Our family has expanded to include a two new companies. Head to HYSCULPT for all your marketing & PR needs and get to know Bodywear Lab for design and production support!

Meet Bodywear Lab

Our family has expanded to include a two new companies. Head to HYSCULPT for all your marketing needs and get to know Bodywear Lab for design and production support!