Sustainability Is Not a Trend: Interfilière Paris 2023

Sustainability Is Not a Trend: Interfilière Paris 2023

The Bodywear Lab team once again joined London Contour Experts Group founder and CEO, Nichole de Carle at 2023’s Interfilière Paris this July, a unique international salon for the lingerie, swimwear and activewear markets.

The event is a fantastic opportunity for industry leaders and contour entrepreneurs to gather together and discuss ideas, developments and the future of the industry, as well as explore new materials, sourcing, and trends. 


Also speaking at Interfilière Paris this year was Jos Berry, Founder and Creative Director of Concept Paris, an industry-leading trend forecasting agency which specialises in bodywear trend analysis. Jos is a true visionary within the contour fashion sector, with over 30 years of experience she can do it all from product innovation to contour brand development and is a well-known and respected creative force driving the Interfilière trend forums. Jos Berry and the Concept Paris team invited Nichole de Carle to contribute and collaborate to their talk this year at Interfilière Paris, but that is not the last time we will be joining forces… We are extremely thrilled to announce that Concept Paris is partnering with the London Contour Experts Group to bring our clients the most cutting-edge news, updates and trends within the bodywear industry, stay tuned for more details on this very soon! 


Here are three key topics our team spotted making waves at this year’s event, with our industry insider tips and tricks on how you can implement them into your contour business.


A subject still on the tip of every fashion brand’s tongue is sustainability, and more specifically, how can the fashion industry make meaningful and impactful changes that protect the planet and reduces wastage or harmful byproducts. 38% of fashion consumers state that sustainability is one of their main priorities when shopping, with 73% of millennials stating they would be willing to pay more for sustainable brands. In a talk hosted by Première Vision which discusses the rise of ‘eco-innovation’ within the contour fashion industry, the importance of a circular approach to raw materials, innovative materials and certifications within supply chains was the focus. 80% of textiles produced in the world today are only made from two fibres, cotton and polyester, which is unstable for the environment. Suppliers and fabric manufacturers are now looking at alternative methods and raw materials that use what we already have to create wonderful, beautiful and environmentally friendly clothes.  

Textile suppliers such as Penn Italia (we use their mesh for a lot of our client’s lingerie!), are innovating the industry by providing materials created from recycled waste to clean the environment and reduce using virgin resources, such as using recycled elastane which makes up 60% in their production of new fibre. Other materials such as viscose, a chemically created fibre from cellulose are used for artificial silk which also stops the use of silkworms which some consumers may find unethical. The fashion industry fabric engineers are getting truly creative in 2023, with garments being constructed with natural fibres produced from orange, banana and pineapple that feel soft and silky, as well as vegan leather created using mushrooms or apples. It’s not just our fabric choices that can help brands become more sustainable, it starts with product design. By choosing low-impact materials such as recycled or natural fabrics as well as removing components such as buttons or plastic clasps, the whole garment could be recycled for a more circular industry. 


Also, natural or eco dyes reduce the chemical impact on the environment during the production stage, plus reduce water use and energy in the dying process. There are many natural-based dyes used across the world from vegetable beetroot, red cabbage and avocado skins as well as spices like turmeric, flowers such as safflower and marigold as well as barks and other woods. 


If you want to learn more about Bodywear Lab’s commitment to sustainable practices, head to our sustainability page here for more information on the measures we’re actively taking to reduce our impact and protect the environment.


Another big, controversial topic is trends. Since the pandemic and the rise of TikTok which allows trends to explode and seemingly fall out of fashion overnight, many industry professionals are questioning how accurately we can track trends in 2023 and beyond. However, whilst in years past trends were informed by big brands and fashion houses that then trickled down, consumers are now controlling our fashion trends, with their concerns and cultural zeitgeist impacting what the fashion industry produces. As mentioned, sustainability is a big concern for many consumers and this impact can be seen in trending product colours in 2024/25 which lack neon as this cannot be naturally created, and the market desire is leaning more towards natural and earthy tones. In another talk hosted by Première Vision and attended by creatives from Bodywear Lab, they broke down the upcoming trends into three categories: Solar Filter, Augmented Elegance and Biologically Crafted. 


Solar Filters can be used for a range of product types and consumer types as the variety has a mass appeal. The trend takes its inspiration from everything sunshine related, think sunsets as well as playing with the concept of light and shadow. The colour palette is autumn-tone heavy and warm with shades of yellow clay, terracotta orange and deep orange sunset skies. You can also bring in warm light pinks, purples and blues by taking inspiration from ocean sunrises and sunsets, with the sun’s reflection on the water adding another layer of tonal depth. If you’re wanting to play with colour even more, look to highlight the texture of your product through subtle metallics that reflect the sun’s rays and add opulence and glamour. The trend also explores gradient light effects which can give 2D images and flat colours a 3D effect, as well as solarised shadows – think of the sun’s rays behind the moon in an eclipse – and surexposition which is where the colour is overexposed to become extremely bright, washing away details to create a romantic, hazy aesthetic.  

Our final trend, Biologically Crafted, takes its inspiration from the beginning of this blog where we discussed fashion’s obsession with sustainability and our planet. As expected, this trend looks to use plant-based materials, renewable and sustainable fabrics as well as repurposed or recycled textiles. Many developments in alternative materials are already quickly hitting the mainstream market with leather created from mycelium, orange peel and apple peel, as well as nylon blends produced from waste products such as discarded fishing nets to create fabrics like Econyl. Biologically Crafted is also big on texture and abstract patterns, looking to the planet’s natural resources for inspiration, such as the fine lines structures that make up the underside of mushrooms, perfectly hexagonal honeycomb structures, the veins of leaves and the harsh carved paths of the rivers that cut through the land. This colour palette is the most muted and soft out of all three, with lots of blush pinks, earthy browns and light oats. The palette gets its depth from the combination of tones, with deep browns paired with apricots and off-whites that allow all three shades to bolden in comparison to one another.

Loved hearing about upcoming trends? Head to the London Contour Expert’s Trend blogs page here, for tips and tricks on how to find inspiration for your future collection!


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Meet Bodywear Lab

Our family has expanded to include a two new companies. Head to HYSCULPT for all your marketing needs and get to know Bodywear Lab for design and production support!