Welcome to the New LCE Group

Welcome to the New LCE Group

Over the last few months, our team has been working hard to create two new sister companies to London Contour Experts; Meet Bodywear Lab and HYSCULPT! 

Over the last few months, our team has been working hard to create two new sister companies to London Contour Experts; Meet Bodywear Lab and HYSCULPT! 

We want to make the workflow process as accessible and as easy to follow as possible and so have split our current offerings into three separate brands, each with its own team, distinct personality and services. Bodywear Lab is our design hub, where we work on product, production and manufacturing. HYSCULPT is our creative marketing agency, where we handle branding, web design, PR and marketing strategy. London Contour Experts is now our business-focused brand, where we offer mentorship, consultancy and strategy sessions for contour business, as well as the home for our Brands of Tomorrow program. 

Streamlining our current services allows us to be clearer about who we are and what we do, but don’t worry, we’re still all under the same roof! We know that one of our biggest assets is our outstanding teamwork with each other and our collaborative work style with our clients, and this will continue and only improve. 


Bodywear Lab is an in-house design studio and established manufacturer, specialising in the innovation and construction of luxury lingerie, swimwear and activewear products. Our talented team will bring your contour product ideas to life, ensuring functional and visually appealing designs, refining samples and fit, and managing the production process in our HQ in London or with our trusted European partners. As creative and technical thinkers with expertise in this niche field of fashion, we are here to encourage entrepreneurs and established brands to create memorable collections that remain relevant in an ever-evolving market. We are always pushing the boundaries of contour design and can help you source technical fabrics, create your perfect bespoke pattern as well as offer cutting-edge design tools such as 3D CADs and product design. At Bodywear Lab, we’re here to make your design dreams a reality. 


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HYSCULPT is a London-based digital branding and creative marketing agency that collaborates with international lux


ury fashion labels and upcoming brands to support them with brand management, content, campaigns, marketing, PR, graphic design, and strategy. As a specialist creative marketing agency, our particular focus is on contour, including swimwear, lingerie, and activewear. From creating brand identities to comprehensive marketing campaigns, our experienced team will help elevate your brand’s presence and generate media exposure. Combining our strategic intelligence, creative artistry, and industry expertise with your concept, we can create a brand that not only connects to its consumers but is wholeheartedly unique and—most importantly— yours, too. 


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London Contour Experts is a senior group of advisors and industry insiders, who mentor and consult ever-growing luxury lingerie, swimwear and activewear brands. Our expert team is here to guide you, whether a newbie or established within the industry, to help troubleshoot or support your journey through our sister brands’ services, as well as provide valuable advice and insights into how to make your business successful within the niche contour industry. We can support business plans, help you set goals and offer support on how to reach these goals and beyond. Additionally, it is home to our Brands of Tomorrow service, offering comprehensive business assistance. Whether you require market analysis, financial guidance, or operational expertise, our dedicated team is ready to assist you in achieving your business goals.


If you haven’t already, make sure to sign up to our London Contour Experts newsletter, where you can expect the latest industry news, business tips and contour trends! We’re busy creating a brand new London Contour Experts website, so be the first to know when this is live with our newsletters! 


We feel that these new but also very familiar brands will streamline our services for better accessibility for all our clients and will also foster a stronger relationship between all of us under the LCE group umbrella and you.  


Our founder, Nichole de Carle, provides further insight into our exciting development: 


“Our mission at London Contour Experts has always been to put our clients first, really building a connection to better understand their business goals and help them to deliver meaningful products with a strong brand story. We’re so much more than just a design hub, manufacturer or marketing agency, we help our clients understand the market potential and execute on the best vision to set them aside from the competition. 


I wanted each business under the London Contour Experts umbrella to have its own unique personality, representing who they are and what they do through different visuals, tones of voice and case studies. I’ve always seen myself as a leader, and a teacher, helping people to realise and reach their goals, whether I am consulting them personally or working with me at London Contour Experts. Splitting the company into three allows our skilled teams to be front and centre. 

I realised that splitting London Contour Experts into three separate companies that represented the three main pillars of our business would help clients better understand the wide range of services we offer to support their brand at different stages of their journey.”  


Everyone at the London Contour Experts Group is extremely proud that we are able to offer our clients a more tailored experience, with the opportunity to offer extended services and hopes this new adventure will continue our work ethos of building meaningful relationships between our teams and clients. 


Please feel free to reach out to discuss how HYSCULPT, Bodywear Lab and London Contour Experts can benefit your unique brand goals and we look forward to seeing you on our new websites.


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Meet Hysculpt

Our family has expanded to include a two new companies. Head to HYSCULPT for all your marketing & PR needs and get to know Bodywear Lab for design and production support!

Meet Bodywear Lab

Our family has expanded to include a two new companies. Head to HYSCULPT for all your marketing needs and get to know Bodywear Lab for design and production support!