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What Is The Mentorship Program?

The mentorship program, split into pre-launch and post-launch focused sessions, is designed for entrepreneurs that need support from industry experts. These sessions are used to gather their ideas, build an effective strategy, and devise a strong execution plan. 


You can also watch our ‘How to raise finance’ Masterclass with our Business Development expert, Nadine, where she outlines how this program will support your brand. 

Have a look below for more information on each lingerie and swimwear brand mentoring program available:

product design and manufacturing

The pre-launch is a 10-hour program that provides support and tools to create a fully realised business, ensuring your brand starts strong. Hours are allocated based on your areas of concern. 

The post-launch program is a 5-hour program for our team to provide advice and track your business goals.


Knowing where to begin your branding journey can often be the hardest step. Take a look at our bespoke starter pack and be reassured that your business is starting on the right track.

Starter pack services with our industry experts
Mentorship for contour startups
Mentorship for lingerie brands in London

Pre-Launch Mentorship

Our pre-launch mentorship begins with a consultation to determine the most effective plan of action regarding your business’ timeline. This will focus on organising your business and ensuring your launch will be as impactful as possible. Having a mentor to guide you through these crucial stages of your business development will help you to capitalise on the launch momentum, and propel your business into success from the very start.

Post-Launch Mentorship

Our post-launch program is a 5-hour swimwear and lingerie mentoring program where we create a detailed roadmap to refer back to as we execute strategies, as well as ongoing strategy building with your mentor. This roadmap will supply you with the necessary tools to get your business off to a strong start. The hours will be allocated based on your areas of concern, with 1-1 meetings to discuss changes to the strategy.





Our sales service allows you to get ready for the retail space with lookbooks, line sheets, plus 3D product design if you’re lacking the e-commerce images – or if your collection is still in progress. This means you’ll waste no time promoting your products. Download our deck for more information and examples to illustrate our abilities within this specialist service.

Sales pack for luxury lingerie and corsets
3D bra design

London Contour Experts

Download Our Sales Deck

If you would like more information on how we can help you get sales ready, have a look at our deck below

Download Starter Pack

Starter pack deck download

Download Mentorship Deck

Mentorship deck download

Download Sales Deck

Sales deck download

Meet Hysculpt

Our family has expanded to include a two new companies. Head to HYSCULPT for all your marketing & PR needs and get to know Bodywear Lab for design and production support!

Meet Bodywear Lab

Our family has expanded to include a two new companies. Head to HYSCULPT for all your marketing needs and get to know Bodywear Lab for design and production support!