Y2K Boho Revival

Y2K Boho Revival

Y2K revival is hitting the swimwear category with once-controversial trends. Discover how luxury swimwear brands are applying this to their products and packaging.

2022 was the year of the Y2K revival with everything from Uggs to super low-rise jeans coming back into the mainstream market. As we enter 2023, it looks like the industry isn’t quite done exploring these once-controversial trends just yet, as 2000s Bohemian patterns, cuts and motifs make their way back onto our wishlists. For those of us who lived through the tumultuous trends of the early 2000s, you will surely remember the chokehold Y2K bohemian fashion had over those formative years. Everyone from teenage school girls to fashion editors aspired to look like they were stepping out of their tents at Glasto sporting braided headbands and fringe down to their knees on a casual Tuesday morning. This trend is making a big splash in the swim and resort wear categories in particular, with a new focus on wellness and sustainability for 2023. 


With the growing concern of climate change and brands restructuring their supply chains to work more sustainably, it comes as no surprise that natural colours and cosmic motifs are capturing consumers’ attention. Whereas Y2K bohemian used a lot of pattern and colour clashing, the revival is opting for a quieter and calmer approach.  Warm, earthy tones such as sage green or terracotta are both warm and calming which is very appealing to consumers that are seeking a retreat from the stresses and anxieties of modern living. Also for companies with core values in implementing sustainable practices, these types of colours within your branding and packaging will subconsciously express this to consumers. Additionally, look at alternative packaging materials such as corrugated cardboard or compostable sleeves that also utilise these more natural colours to strengthen your eco-friendly branding. Simple, clean lines in graphics and illustrations will resonate the strongest with the eco-conscious crowd as it reflects the simplistic beauty found in nature, as well as the market’s desire to live a more minimalist lifestyle that reduces their impact on the environment. Motifs inspired by nature such as simple suns, line leaves and gentle waves are fantastic designs to include across your branding for that extra nod to a more natural and paired-back approach to life that many consumers are now craving. 


This strong focus on sustainability also coincides with the rise in holistic and alternative beliefs, with sales of crystals exploding in 2022 to USD 2.86 billion and jewellery designers noticing that sales of stones believed to provide comfort and healing are ‘exploding at the seams’. Including small hardware detailing such as healing crystals for swimwear clasps are a great boost of opulence for eco-conscious consumers who still want a little bit of sparkle in their garments. Also, fabrics dyed using natural or botanical dyes are not only better for the plant and our water supply but are better for sensitive skin. Creating red from beetroots, yellow from saffron or green from spinach leaves are natural alternatives that reduce your brand’s carbon footprint. Brazilian brand Satya Beachwear is innovating how swimwear brands can reduce their environmental impact by using only natural dyes and biodegradable fabrics within their products, eliminating fears some swimwear designers hold that natural dyes are more prone to bleeding or fading.  Additionally, hand-drawn prints with cosmic and tropical motifs are great at creating a calm and crafty effect to your products, with design elements such as tassels that can add that extra bespoke touch.


Exploring Sustainable Innovations: Insights from Performance Days in Munich

Our team was present at Performance Days, a significant event for professionals in the bodywear fashion realm. With an emphasis on sustainable fabrics, this forum provided crucial insights for industry leaders. We’ve condensed these insights to offer guidance on navigating the latest trends and innovations for your upcoming collections.

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Our family has expanded to include a two new companies. Head to HYSCULPT for all your marketing & PR needs and get to know Bodywear Lab for design and production support!

Meet Bodywear Lab

Our family has expanded to include a two new companies. Head to HYSCULPT for all your marketing needs and get to know Bodywear Lab for design and production support!